My ten favorite easter postcards on Zazzle

Easter is knocking on our doors, and as any holiday, easter is always a wonderful time to send the beloved snail mail to our loved ones. Here is my pick of easter postcards for Spring 2017.

My first pick, is a beautiful photograph by artist “Demented Butterfly” and the photograph is as ironic the artist’s name, but I love it anyway. This is a cool fun postcard to send to friends and family.

My Second pick is a really cute pug in a glittery pink easter egg. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love pugs? this is the perfect happy easter card for pug owners and for people who wished to be a pug owner.

My Third pick is for those of you, who would like to invite for “the big egg hunt”, a wonderful modern design by Fox&Not offered on Zazzle.

Now let’s talk about number four. This is a wonderful postcard creat by GraphiZen. The hand drawn look gives it a very personal note, which I really like and the colors and pattern are perfect for the aucation.

Number five is another beautiful painting in water colors. Displaying a very cute rabbit, nearly too cute to go for an egg hunt.
Pick number 6 is for the lovers of art and design, “le chat noir” as a black rabbit. A wonderful idea if you know the original.
The next postcard (number 7. if you are counting)  I really like just for being different, it’s a cow pattern with butterflies and all kinds of fun. Beautifully combined with a gray background.
Pick number 8. is for graphic fans, it’s a beautiful linoleum print of a rabbit in green grass. I personally looooove linoleum prints. I wished I could do more of them.
We are nearly done with our picks for easter 2017, but what would be a top 10 without a hispter design? Here it comes, a hipster eggs looking very critical !
Now the last postcard pick, a modern fresh design, in light colors and perfect harmony by PJ Design. Displaying extremely happy animals, that postcard will make everyone smile.

Last but no least, you need postage. If you are in the US you are in luck, you can even buy special designed easter postage, and this this is my pick:

Hope you found something for you! Happy easter art shopping.




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