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5 Amazing Mermaid Leggings

Mermaid leggings have been trending in the last 6 month, and they are still an amazing asset for your wardrobe. Here are my favorite mermaid leggings available on Zazzle and designed by wonderful individual artists (such as myself :D).

Pick number one is a wonderful blue pattern, really handcrafted and unique, it almost has a “boho-touch” to it. It’s called “like a mermaid” and was designed by “Barbarian Heart”, definitely a lot of heart went into this design, check it out here:

My second pick are beautiful pink leggings with lot’s of tiny mermaids on it. I like the style of the design, it looks young and fresh. Perfect for little girls.
Now, let’s see what we got next. A perfect combination of the trends of last year. Marble, black and white mermaid leggings by “girly trend” I like the graphic- but soft style. Definitely, something I would consider buying myself.
Pick number four (and I really think I found the best 5 Zazzle Mermaid leggings for you) are more graphic beautiful greenish leggings with fine sharp scales. The scales have wonderful colors, such as turquoise, taupe and aqua.
 Now, of course as last suggestion since this is how I was brought up 😀 , my own design. A mermaid rose skin pattern, my personal favorite (within my own designs).


I hope you will enjoy being a mermaid, Spring and Summer here we come !



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