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5 best Zazzle all-over-print Tank Tops

I really love all-over-print designs, somehow it makes it look special. And I was extremely happy when Zazzle started offering all-over-print objects.  Here I picked my 5 favorite all-over-print tank tops (for now).

This one I really love, not only because I love hummingbirds, but also for the style. A little retro, vintage. I image myself wearing it with blue jeans, just perfect for a summer night out.

The next one reminds me of garden Eden,  and I see myself wearing a black blazer on top of it, making it look extremely elegant.
If you love wolves, this one will be your favorite. It’s a painted wolve-face in very dark beautiful colors.
Now the modern colorful and trendy choices, first Ice-cream for when it’s hot!
My last choice might surprise you, but I really love it. It’s a sassy unicorn that say’s “go to hell” 😀 , don’t you have to smile too?
I hope you like my choices. Have fun shopping.



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